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Shijiazhuang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau prom

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Endeavor is at the time

——Hebei Shijiazhuang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau promotes local economic development (Lino Park)

    Chongzheng, Minhang, Pioneering, Endeavor... On October 29th, the China Quality News Interview Group rushed to the Shijiazhuang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Hebei Province and walked into the lobby on the first floor. The eight characters on the wall were particularly eye-catching.

    “The cultural concept of Hebei Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is 'Chong Chong, Shang Xing, Tu Qiang, Xiang Shan'. After the completion of the Shijiazhuang Bureau, an 'Endeavor' was added.” Zhang Jidong, director of the Shijiazhuang Bureau and party secretary, stressed that “the inspection and quarantine system in Hebei The Shijiazhuang Bureau is a new bureau, and it is located in a provincial capital city. The foundation is thin and the pressure is high. Therefore, we must have a high-spirited spirit and a pioneering spirit in our entrepreneurial business."

    Yanzhao land, east of the Bohai Sea, west of the Taihang, north of Yanshan, south of the Yellow River. Since ancient times, heroes have come forth, and heroes have come to the fore. In the Shijiazhuang Bureau, contact the relevant cadres and workers and feel the atmosphere here. The interview team felt that in the tide of the Hebei Provincial Inspection and Quarantine System "Building a Strong Coastal Bureau", this bureau was concentrating on the spirit, cohesive, and struggling in the waves.

    After that, the group came to Hebei Lunuo Food Co., Ltd., the Sydney Park of Fanzhuang Township, Zhao County, China.

    "Every time I see you, I am very happy!" In Hebei Lunuo Food Co., Ltd., general manager Niu Liying clasped the hand of Meng Hui, deputy section chief of the Food Division of Shijiazhuang Bureau.

    "I feel that the people in the inspection and quarantine bureau are particularly close. They really put themselves in the shoes of the enterprise. If the company has difficulties, they will not talk about it. They will rush to the scene to help us to come up with ideas and find ways." Niu Liying said, "Just check The quarantine department has proposed that we will implement it immediately. Now our products have been exported to Russia, Australia, Japan and other countries and North America, the European Union and other regions. Now the company is getting stronger and stronger, the national high-tech enterprises that have been declared recently have passed the city. Level review, provincial review is now going well."

    Lvnuo Company is a leading enterprise in the quality and safety demonstration zone of Zhaoxian Snow Pear Products. It is located in the 250,000-mu Sydney planting base in Zhao County, Hebei Province, China. With its pleasant climate, elegant environment, abundant natural water resources, organic fertile soil and no pollution, Zhao County has an annual output of 120,000 tons of concentrated Sydney juice, Sydney pulp and Sydney beverages. At present, the company is the comprehensive food enterprise integrating the production, processing and sales of Sydney, which has the largest scale, the strongest comprehensive production capacity and the highest technology content in Hebei Province.

    In recent years, Shijiazhuang Bureau has continued to promote the construction of export demonstration zones, cooperated with local governments, and “two rounds” of policies and technologies have been transferred. The government, forestry, development and reform commissions and other government departments have been integrated to carry out the census of soil water resources and carry out all-round policies. Advocacy and technical support; improve the standard of quality and safety demonstration zones, improve the quality and safety prevention and control system, cultivate brands, and build leading enterprises. In September 2015, the two quality and safety demonstration zones of Jinzhou Export Fresh Pear and Zhaoxian Export Snow Pear Products passed the inspection by the AQSIQ and became the national agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zone.

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